3338 Industrial Boulevard
Bethel Park, PA 15102

Some of Our Popular Brands

• Garlock™
• Durabla™
• Dodge-Regupol™
• Leader Gasket™
• Fabreeka™
• Thermoseal™
• Rubberlite™
• West American Rubber™
• Armstrong™
• Teadit™
• Chemstar™

Die-Cut Products

We produce quality die-cut products for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. Die-cutting is the most reliable and cost efficient method for mass production. Hunter Sales Corporation has an extensive collection of dies for common shapes and sizes able to cut most anything from our wide variety of materials. When you purchase a custom die from Hunter Sales Corporation we will store it here in our library of dies so we can supply your products as often as you need them.

Flash-Cut Products

This is the next generation alternative to die cutting. Our sophisticated Flash-cut system is an incredibly fast & precise machine for cutting customized products. We are able to machine cut any 2 dimensional shape from most common gasket and sealing materials in just minutes. This is ideal for small quantities, large parts or prototypes where a die would be too costly. We convert your drawings & samples into a CAD format and our Flash-cut system does the rest. No dies are required and drawings can be revised at any time at no cost to you. The speed and versatility of this system is especially handy in emergency situations.

Hand-Made Products

Hunter Sales Corporation has decades of experience in cutting all manner of gasket and sealing materials by hand. Many of our custom products are too large or complex for die-cutting or flash-cutting. Our skilled craftsman are well equipped to handle large or complex projects with ease. Contact us today to find out what Hunter Sales Corporation can do for you.

About Hunter Sales Corporation

We are a full service manufacturer of custom cut gaskets and sealing products of all shapes and sizes. Contact us today with your drawings or samples for a free quote. Our knowledgeable sales staff can help you to choose the right sealing product for you. We also produce and stock most standard sized pipe gaskets. We have a wide variety of sealing materials in stock.